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athletic & well

Participating in extracurricular activities, such as sports, can benefit a student, but it has its challenges. We want to equip athletes and their families with the tools needed to ensure their student-athletes get the best out of themselves and their experience by being athletic and and professionals to do so. We want them to be athletic AND well!

Our athletic wellness initiative, Athletic & Well, aims to help student-athletes and their families understand how important it is to invest in the whole athlete. Below are the initiatives that are launching in 2023.

2023 wellness initiatives

Social Media Responsibility (Mini-course for athletes)

A focus on helping student-athletes understand the responsibility of their presence and participation on social media.

Focus includes:

  • Pause Before You Post

  • Your Responsibility

  • Safety and Privacy

  • Social Media Etiquette

Positive Parental Involvement and Engagement 

Encouraging positive family involvement and engagement and how it benefits the family's overall well-being.


Get Your Head in the Game 

A focus on helping student-athletes understand how their mental health influences their performance on and off the field.

Focus includes:

  • Expectations and Comfort Zones

  • Positive Self-talk

  • Emotional Intelligence and Relaxation

  • Fear of Failure and Healthy Beliefs

  • Goal Setting

  • Social Approval

2024 wellness events

We are hosting a FREE Youth Athletic Wellness Fair that will feature Mind, Body, and Sports vendors and activities to encourage and provide education on topics including:

  • Tips on how to improve and maintain good health, nutrition, and sports performance.

  • Screening of flexibility, functional strength, and balance.

  • Relaxation and anxiety tips to help maintain emotional wellness.

  • Family engagement and how it benefits the family's overall well-being.


Date and Location TBD

are you a health and wellness professional?

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