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ISP Football Player Development Network invites you to join our movement and mission as we empower student-athletes to be whole and to step up as leaders in their community.

Program-based opportunities

  • 2023 The Program (Intramural Tackle)

  • 2023 Athletic & Well (Wellness program for athletes and families)

  • 2023 Middle School Partnership Program

  • 2023 Changing the Game

event-based opportunities

  • 2023 Combine & Media Day

  • 2023 Fundraising Gala

This is not an exhaustive list of sponsorship opportunities. We offer various sponsorship levels with associated visibility options and engagement experiences. For more information, please email

Mystic Package Price Guide (1).png

If you would like to choose the Gladiator package and donate more than $1000, please do so by clicking DONATE below. 

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