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ISP Football Player Development Network is not a youth football league or team. We are a student-athlete-led, non-profit organization that helps football players maximize their athletic potential on and off the field. We are creating a health and wellness network of professionals to help them do so. Our training camps are included in our efforts to make sure athletes are their best. 


The one thing that we have that sets us apart from every other organization is the portal. The ISP Portal is a platform designed for players in Central Texas to house their football playing progress and experience for college recruiters and coaches to see. 



  • Player Profile: Players will have a complete profile that consists of a Profile picture Name, Position, Team, Grade point average, Player Statement, Players stats, Training videos, Playing videos, and Combine stats (40-yard dash, L-drill, Pro-Agility shuttle, Broad Jump, and Standing vertical). 

  • Scout Button: If a college scout is viewing players and they see someone they like, they can hit the scout button and request more information on the player. 

  • Leaderboard: The leaderboard will give recruiters or portal guests the ability to sort players by age, position, grade point average, and combine stats. So if a recruiter wants to know who is the fastest 14-year wide receiver in the area they will be able to quickly find out by using that criteria while sorting in the portal. This ISP portal will also help players to see how they measure up with other players in the area.


Our Combines

To ensure scouts have accurate combine information for players, we will host combines with laser testing and upload player information into the portal. Players can attend the combines on May 27th and June 16th but we also have summer camps they can register for to set themselves apart. 


Speed Course, a speed and agility program designed by Player Development Specialist, TJ "Iron" Anders, helps players physically perform and test better in combines. After testing in on May 27th, players who participate in Speed Course will get the boost they need to come back on June 16th and show their improvements. For more information on Speed Course and to register, visit

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